December 2016

The month kicked off with a very cold start and temperature going down to five degrees. The cold waves made everyone shiver and it looked like the entire month is going to be like that. However, the school activities and classes continued despite the chilly weather. Students are enjoying their English sessions with Leon. His way of teaching is making the students more interactive and expressive with the english language. Teachers are following the curriculum that has been set to finish the course on time.

December brings in a lot of excitement as the students know that Santa Claus is going to visit them this year as well. So the children at school started preparing for the much awaited guest. The students made posters, santa claus miniatures, bells and stars. The class was then decorated with all these posters, miniatures and stars. The school celebrated christmas on 21st of December since the school remained closed on 25th of December. The students got very excited when they saw the santa claus coming in the classroom and giving them chocolates. The students sang jingle bells along with the santa and had great fun! The santa distributed christmas gifts to the staff as well !

We have a new member, Oshi who joined the school in December. She is a designer and a photographer currently pursuing her masters. She would be looking after the wider vision website and constantly updating it with new posts, photos and articles. 

2016 has been a great year at the school and we are looking forward for the new year and many good things to come our way! 

Wider Vision Foundation wuenscht allen wunderbare friedliche Feiertage!


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