February 2017

In January/ February Birgit was in Naveen School. Since she wasn’t able to visit the school for a longer time period because of some health issues, it was lovely for her to see the children having grown and to meet with the old and the new teaching staff. During all the meetings, Birgit and Vandana discussed various topics.

Presently one school child is being supported by Naveen School providing her breakfast and lunch.We realised that the girl was getting weaker and she complained of dizziness and being hungry. She is doing much better now. It is not easy to get to talk to her stepmother, but the grandmother, to whom the girl is close to, was called and asked to keep an eye on the girl’s well being.

One of our challenges is still to appoint an English teacher. Over the past few years we had to compromise with getting the subject taught by someone who was not really a professional teacher for this subject. Consequently, the present classes will need to start from the basic level in this new upcoming session in April.

An English teacher costs the school about 10,000 INR (about 150 Euro) per month and we need support from friends and well-wishers to reach this position in order to appoint new teacher for English. Volunteers are welcome. If you are interested, please write to us on office@widervision.org. We prefer someone who knows India (Varanasi) or has experience with local social organisations or schools, in case the intern is a foreigner. Please spread the news. Thank you!

The rest of our benches and tables could get their new colours now in the upcoming months of April/May when the long summer holidays are starting. 15,000 INR (about 200 Eu) are still required for the paint and 18,000 INR (about 250 Eu) for labor charges. If anyone would like to contribute to this activity, you are most welcome. Kindly let us know. We very much appreciate your help! Thank you so much for your interest and participation!

On 25th February is our annual celebration day and children are right now eagerly preparing their skits and dances every morning. And as it is the beginning of spring, this is a really good time for these performances before the heat comes back again. In our next report we will share glimpses of it!

Stay tuned :)

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