March 2017

The stage was set, arrangements were made and the audience gathered around for the much awaited function of the year.  The backstage was bustling with the ho-hums to fix and get together everything last minute.  Painted hands and faces, fancy dresses and the gleaming eyes of the participants made the wait even more enthralling. As few people quote it, the idea of waiting for something makes it even more exciting. So was the case on 25th February when Naveen School celebrated its Annual Celebration Day.  This function was much looked forward to as the entire school comes together and works together to put up a grand show! The enthusiasm and excitement of the teacher as well as the students is what makes the annual day a great success. The preparations for the function had begun well in advance and the immense amount of effort was put to organize, develop and construct each and every performance in great detail. Everything was thought about and planned properly.  This year’s theme revolved around environmental cleanliness and celebrating Indian culture.

The performances were very engaging and the students really enjoyed participating as well as viewing them. As soon as the performances began, the crowd cheered and appreciated all the hard work with huge rounds of applause. As the events came to an end, the teacher concluded the function and distributed “ladoos”(indian sweet) amongst the children. Nothing was more joyous than seeing an ear to ear smile on the children’s face as they happily went home enjoying the snack with a lot of learning that the function gave indirectly. 

After the Annual Celebration Day, students and teachers started preparing for the upcoming annual examinations. Revisions were in full swing and the students were actively participating in the revision sessions as it helped prepare for the exams. The exams started from 4th March and concluded on 18th March.  

There was a three days gap because of  the Indian color festival “Holi” on which people throw colors at each other, to enjoy with each other, laugh, dance and have fun.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpses from Naveen School :) :) :)


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