March – April 2017

As soon as the annual exams got over, teachers got busy with corrections of exam papers written by the students and prepared the results. The result distribution took place on 31st March and the new session of the school commenced on 3rd April.

The new books and stationery brought happy smiles to the children’s faces. April is a month of transition where the newly admitted children become familiar with their class mates, teachers and the school environment whereas the old students find their place in a new class room with usually a new class teacher. There is a different vibe in the school during this time; little excitement and slight anxiousness in the air. The positivity keeps everyone motivated and start a eventful year ahead.

Teachers are slowly introducing new lessons so that the children can adjust comfortably to the new beginning. Moreover, the scorching heat in Benaras right now has made everyone drenched out and a bit low on energy, therefore the teachers try to get the attention and keep the energy level high of the children through games and other fun activities.

Outside on the school ground, some repair work is taking place – school benches are being fixed and new chairs for the teachers are also being made by our carpenter!

Since in the last year we were not able to have any outing with our staff, our teachers requested Vandana for a small treat. We love to do this for them, because it strengthens their spirit as a team and their love to be a part of our school staff, and also it is a nice recognition towards their hard work as well. So on 23rd March all of the staff went to a South Indian small, but very busy restaurant in the city to have a “Masala Dosa” and “Cold Coffee with Ice-cream”. Everyone enjoyed it a lot, because it is a real highlight in the lives of our teachers who also come from families where they cannot afford such outings. It was also a good-bye celebration for our volunteer, Leon. We are grateful for the service he gave to our school children and us by teaching English!

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