May – June 2017

As you already know, Naveen School’s summer holidays are taking place at the moment. It is still very hot in Varanasi with temperatures soaring up to 46 degrees on a daily basis. Monsoon has not set in yet, but everyone is looking forward to the release that the rains will bring.

During this long holiday time, many families usually move to their extended family
relatives in the nearby villages. However, the fathers are often staying in the city to
ensure for their family’s living. In the meantime, the mothers are taking their children
to the countryside, where they are spending their time playing in open fields with all
the other children in the village. Few children are also spending time with their grandparents and other family members. The countryside provides fresh air and allows being in a quiet,

noise free environment, which is a very welcome change to the lives of the children.

Living in the countryside exposes them naturally to the work in the fields, working with animals like cows, goats and chicken, basket and pottery making and all other small handworks. Moving from Varanasi to their villages is often the only traveling that these families are undertaking. Our schoolteachers will meet again at the end of June to prepare for the new school session. Meanwhile, all the walls of the building are being white washed and a carpenter is still finishing repairs of old benches.

As a major aim, we are planning to extend the school building by an additional room and to replace the existing temporary roof of the school building by a proper- cemented roof. It is an urgently needed requirement and we are very much hoping to get sufficient funding for it.

Let us get back to you with more school updates when the Naveen School re-opens soon again in July. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile have a nice summer!


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