June-July 2017

Hello, Everyone! Welcome back. Naveen Nursery School has reopened after its summer break. The school reopened on the 3rd July whereas the school officially opened a bit earlier on the 28th June.  It is a great delight to once again see the kids in the school with their happy faces.  It is a good sign as it shows that they like to be back in Naveen School and are fresh from the summer break!

In Varanasi, the monsoon knocked on the door right when the summer break ended for the Naveen Nursery School. The rains are such a respite from the scorching and sweltering heat that was there in the past three months. The rains have brought much relief to everyone as the weather is a bit more pleasant now. Especially, the children seem to be enjoying the rains and are doing fun activities like making and playing with paper boats and paper fishes.

Most of our fifth class students, who had to leave our school because their term ended, have now joined other Government Schools as this is mostly a cheaper option for them to be able to continue their studies ahead.

The school has resumed its normal activities and the classes are in full swing now. New admissions have also begun. Enrollment of children especially for the Nursery classes is taking place simultaneously. There is a new teacher in our school. We welcomed Pooja, who joined us this July and teaches the Nursery classes.

We all are looking forward to the start of the school again 

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