October-November 2017

After the Diwali break, the school opened again on 23rd October 2017. Children
were very joyous to be back and their faces said it all. Normal classes have
resumed. The teachers are correcting the exam papers and preparing the results
which will be declared soon.

The school bid farewell to Rachana Kannojia at the end of October, a beloved
and very devoted teacher who has been associated with this school for 7.5
years. She is moving away from Varanasi to another city because of her
marriage. Rachana’s contribution to the school was vital. She was not only good
in her teachings but was also good to keep discipline and still keep a very loving
relationship with the students. On 31st October, we organized a small get
together for her to say good-bye and everybody wished her good luck for her
new future. We are very grateful that we had her for such a long time with us.
Thank you Rachana, we will miss you!
Naveen school has a new teacher now, Sangeeta who joined on 9th November
2017. Welcome to Naveen School!

On 14th November, India celebrates Children’s day to increase the awareness
towards the rights, care, and education of children. The school organized various
games, dances, and activities. We had Petra from Holland coming over to the
school who brought delicious apples and candies for all the students and
staff. How thrilled the kids were! Petra thoroughly enjoyed being in the school
and got engaged in various activities which children were doing. She was really
touched by the innocence and smiles of these children. She enjoyed every bit of
it and so did the students.

On 15th of November, Sandra, a yoga trainer from Holland took a workshop for
teachers and taught them yoga. She taught them basic steps of yoga and
important asanas (yoga positions). We hope that the teachers now will already
be able to use this initiation to forward these practices to the children. We are
glad that a start for yoga was made in this way thanks to this beautiful volunteer

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