January- February 2018

After the winter break the school reopened by mid-January, however, it was still quite cold then. On 26th January Republic Day was honoured as that is the day India’s constitution came into force 68 years ago in 1950.

Now, February feels like spring and the weather has become more pleasant, although the mornings are still slightly cold. Our children at Naveen School have been revising their study course as they are getting ready for the upcoming final annual exams in March. Teachers are giving special assistance to children who need extra attention and care.

Besides, everyone here at Naveen School is looking forward to the school’s Annual Celebration Day that is taking place at the end of this month. The teachers and children are eagerly rehearsing and preparing for the dance performances, songs and plays and making the costumes and decorations. Watch out for our next post with pictures and news of the Annual Celebration Day : – )


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