March – April 2018

After the exams, all teachers of Naveen School corrected the exam papers and gave out the results to our children. We had to say goodbye to our beloved children from class five as they left our school and embark on a new journey. Most of them join other schools to continue their studies. We already miss them and we wish them all the best. We are confident, that the innitial decisive years of their studies at the Naveen School have provided them with a reliable foundation for their future education. 

It is the middle of April and it has gotten very hot already in Varanasi with around 40 degrees Celsius! The lessons are therefor only held until 11 o’ clock in the morning. 

We have good news to share: Naveen School has a new teacher since the beginning of April, who is an experienced English and Science teacher. Mr. Vinay is doing a few minutes meditation with the children on a daily base where the children just relax from the studies. We welcome him to our team and we are looking forward to this new school session with him.

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