Our Vision & Objectives

    “Where there is a Heart, there is a Way”

    What we have come to see as most important is, that besides having effective ways of instructing children in a specific subject, what the children most need from their teachers and in general from their environment is to get treated respectfully and lovingly. Only in this way can in them a feeling of self-worth grow. This emotional support might even be the most important in their lives later on compared to the mark sheet that they will hold in their hands.

    For this to happen we need to creat an understanding in the teachers in the first place, and although it takes time to create this understanding, it is worth the effort. Because everyone who feels appreciated and loved, will be contributing to peace and love in his surroundings and on this planet. This is a great need in all social classes of society. But also, and often more so, for those on the lower side of the social hierarchy.

    Our Objectives:

  • Admission of more children from parents with no financial means at all
  • Appointment of qualified teachers through appropriate remuneration
  • Making teacher training and courses possible
  • More teaching materials and other necessary school equipment
  • Extension and renovation of school building (urgent !)
  • Making a permanent electricity source possible by acquiring and maintaining an invertor (low-budget rechargeable battery) or solar power unit (urgent !)
  • Making one school meal possible per day
  • Support for individual cases

Wider Vision is dependent on donations to achieve these social and academic goals.